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Thursday, May 24, 2012

For you to read while I'm grading...

Grading, grading... but here are what seems like two good reads (I literally have not had time to read them the whole way through, so you tell me if they're worth it!):

The Economist on the EU's choice: break up or move toward what will start to smell like a federation. I made a similar point last July in an interview in Metro. This is, no doubt, a massive crisis for the EU, but US media tends to underestimate the significance of the fact that European integration proceeds in this fashion. Periods of stagnation and/or intense crises, which can only be averted by further integration, are typically followed by just that: further integration.

And this perspective on the improving prospects for Turkey-EU relations.

The TurkEU Blog shall resurface once grades are turned in.

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