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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turkish superstar Ibrahim Tatlıses shot in the head

Turkey's "Frank Sinatra," Ibrahim Tatlıses (literally, sweet sound or voice), was shot in the head Sunday and is in critical condition at a hospital in Istanbul. He is apparently awake and speaking today, however.

Tatlıses, Wikimedia Commons.
20 suspects have been rounded up, two of which can supposedly be linked to the location of the crime due to their cell phone records. Tatlıses's car was sprayed with bullets from an AK47 Kalashnikov and the suspected rifle has apparently been found at the home of the wife of one of Tatlıses's known enemies.

Like Sinatra, Tatlıses is reputed to have had ties with organized crime, and has been the subject of previous assassination attempts. He was, however, extremely popular in Turkey and also in the Arab world.

Turkish superstar Ibrahim Tatlises shot in head by unknown attackers - The National
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