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Turkey and the European Union: Christian and Secular Images of Islam. (2011). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

From ’Saracen Scourge’ to ’Terrible Turk’: Medieval, Renaissance, and Enlightenment Images of the ’Other’ in the Narrative Construction of ’Europe,’ Doctoral Thesis, University of Southern California, August 2007. Available in USC's Digital Library.

Articles, Book Notes, and Other Publications

“The Swedish Model of Public Administration: Separation of Powers – The Swedish Style” (2010) in Journal of Administration & Governance 4(1):31-46. View Download

Robertson, Alexa and Paul T. Levin. (2010). "Europe as Other: Difference in Global Media Discourse", in Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift 2010(1). View

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瑞典公共行政 —— 分权化单一制国家中的治 (“Swedish Public Administrations: Levels of Governance in a Decentralized Unitary State” in Chinese translation by Dr. Nie Yonghao, Sun Yat-sen University) (2008) in Journal of Public Administration, 1(6):118-153. Download

“Nation-State”. (2008). 3,000 word essay in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd Ed, volume V, edited by William A. Darity Jr., Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA. View Download 

“Turkarnas religion” (”The Religion of the Turks)”, essay in Dagens Nyheter, Wednesday 23 april, 2008, p. 6 Kulturdelen. View Download

“Cartoons are symptomatic of Western bias”, op-ed i the Daily Trojan, 18 april, 2006

“Skolans Styrning: En Bearbetning av TB [Tillstådsbeskrivningen] 1995.” (1997). Skolverket. Dnr 96:2130. (“Governing the Schools: An Analysis of TB [the state of the schools] 1995.” The National Agency for Education, Sweden.) 

“Skolans Styrning: En Bearbetning av TB 1994.” (1996). Skolverket. (“Governing the Schools: An Analysis of TB 1994.” The National Agency for Education, Sweden.)

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