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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Resources on the Turkish 2011 elections

The Economist has an interactive feature on the June 12 elections in Turkey. The Economist site contains information about:
  1. The main parties: AKP, CHP, MHP and BDP
  2. Issues: The economy, the constitution, the Kurds, and freedom of speech
  3. Maps: Marks provinces by income (GDP/cap), population (density), and the last election results
(BTW, Richard Falk and Hilal Elver have a very critical examination of The Economist's coverage of the Turkish elections on Al Jazeera English's website. In particular, they are critical of their recommendations for how Turks should vote, asking if
the people of Turkey really [are] so politically backward as to require guidance from this bastion of Western elite opinion...?)
Two Swedes - a lawyer and a political scientist - have started a blog about the elections that contains commentary and lots of useful information:
  1. Regular opinion polls
  2. The main parties: AKP, CHP, and MHP (but not BDP, interestingly enough. I have pointed this out to the bloggers, maybe the will correct this oversight)
  3. Info about the electoral system
I was recently interviewed by the Swedish magazine LO Tidningen about the background to the elections. I will post a link when/if there's an article.


The BDP info had mistakenly disappeared from the blog, and the authors fixed it within approximately one minute of my pointing it out. Props to them.

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